Giving back to an organization that gives so much to the community.

Non-Profit Charity / Digitaria 2014

Monarch School is a public K-12 school in San Diego, California, which is exclusively for students who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or impacted by homelessness.

Monarch School, founded in 1988, is the only such school in the United States. The school enrolls approximately 155 students ranging in age from 4 to 19.

Cheers to the awesome Digitaria team who donated both time and talent for such a great cause!

Paul Drohan - Visual Design 
Stephanie Darenkamp - Visual Design 
Monte Greene - Development 
Robin Kadfalk - Photography 
Michael Chum - Logo Design 
Sarah Chaplin - Project Management 
Alice Shananver - Project Management 

Steve Benson - QA 
Kevin Thompson - Development 
Scott Engert - Development 
Michael Turnwall - Development 
Patrick Vehling 
Abigail Hikima 
Chuck Phillips 

Dale Clarke 
David Pett 
Jackie Hade 
Kevin Kashou 
Nate Shevlin 
Phineas Kibbey 
Theresa Pham



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