Worksite Financial Solutions is a guidance-based, beginning-to-end retirement program designed to help create confidence in the financial lives of its customers.



Establish Worksite Financial Solutions as the flagship brand representing retirement readiness in the financial services industry.

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Engage all retirement plan advisors in Worksite and achieve XX% penetration among all LPL advisors to drive ongoing engagement in the program.


Architecture planning

I worked collaboratively with my team on benchmarking, framing, and ideation. As the design lead, I worked specifically on UI, task flows, visuals, and branding.

After determining the information architecture of the site, we created wireframes for each screen.



On the home page, we presented 2 approaches to the client. The “Fact/Data Driven approach” and the “Emotional Driven Approach”. Wireframes by Megan Tegeder

Home page - Fact/Data driven

Home page - Emotion Driven


Tools & Resources - Empty State

Tools & Resources (Education Statement Selected




Visual Design

Desktop Comp 1

LPL_WFS_Desktop_Home_R3 2.jpg


Desktop Comp 2